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Enter the world of the early 2000s and become a paranormal investigator tasked with exorcising ghosts around Niagara Falls, Canada. Investigate who the ghosts are and why they are haunting the region. After learning their identity, figure out the specific rituals required to exorcise them. Solve unique parallax puzzles to uncover the symbols required to perform your exorcism rituals. To deal with the ghosts, you must keep track of the information you have learned, and the symbols needed to perform the rituals, in your trusty notebook.

Shadow from the Falls is a first person atmospheric horror game inspired by the graphics of the Playstation 1. Experience a new feeling of dread as you attempt to rid Niagara of the ghosts haunting it.

Install instructions

Download .zip -> Extract .zip -> Run Shadow from the Falls.exe


Shadow from the Falls 78 MB


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